Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor

  • Commented on Go away, Muse, you're drunk (again)
    I was about to make a joke about a demonic fork bomb but then I realised that would probably make an extremely horrifying weapon especially if used in a populated area and if you could get a hold of some...
  • Commented on Make Up a Guy
    I just read Driver and I enjoyed it. I was thinking about the make a human button and about the "Lena"/"Driver" universe. Then I thought about a hypothetical research project on cognitive development in a university cognitive science department. The...
  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    Sorry, I normally use speech to text rather than a keyboard and I am used to contexts where speed and conciseness is more important than ledgerbility. I will work on improveing the readability and punctuation of my comments on this...
  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    I'm of the opinion that Clueless can be relative My mother's boyfriend is in his late 50s and he is far from Clueless I believe the words street smarts would be appropriate but he's artery clueless about how one enters...
  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    Interestingly enough in contravention of international trends New Zealand is actually considering lowering the voting age to 16 these obviously a great deal of push back from the opposition and I think the greens support it (I'll have to ask...
  • Commented on Countdown to Crazy
    I have a pair of true wireless earphones(a second generation Xiaomi model I got during a Labour Weekend sale) And I realised something. I am putting a pair of computers in my ear which talk to a tight formation of...
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