• Commented on Summer webcomics
    Ton of stuff mentioned here that I also read (QC, Kill 6 Billion Demons, SMBC, Gunnerkrigg Court). Other ones I read: Widdershins: delightful alternate-history Victorian England with magic . Well-developed characters and excellently written, comical in places too. More queer...
  • Commented on Make Up a Guy
    There's a recent animated series (adult focused, prime-time-like in that each episode is an hour) called Pantheon that covers some of this. It's based on a series of short stories by Ken Liu, and focuses on what would happen if...
  • Commented on New guest blogger: qntm
    Welcome to qntm! Loved Ra and Antimemetics, and need to read the others. :-}...
  • Commented on Dead Lies Dreaming: Spoilers
    I loved this book, and I loved the queer-as-heck found family around Imp. Also enjoyed the references to 90s British electronica--not just the KLF (Justified Ancients), but I also did a double-take at the earlier The Shamen reference (Ebenezer Goode)....
  • Commented on Roll the dice
    An abandoned Laundry Files RPG campaign idea I wanted to do: Secret occult history of rocketry, where Jack Parsons did occult rituals (the Babylon Working, for example) to ensure his spirit remained after his death. The players would start out...
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