Howard NYC

Howard NYC

  • Commented on The Laundry Files: an updated chronology
    typo: getting much to cosy suggest: getting much too cosy...
  • Commented on No comment necessary
    someone asked how long until back to normal... based upon open source materials I've WAG'ed it as optimistically 30 months! please! tell me where my math is wrong... I so want to be wrong! 6m = candidate vaccine 3m =...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas" (Part 2)
    wake up call: #RealDead (C19 & BLM & toxic dumping due to EPA cuts) #FakePOTUS (golf & tear gas & upside down bible thumping) if I had children, I'd be terrified, for one brief moment I am glad I have...
  • Commented on Roll the dice
    suggested characters: ensourced/bespelled laptop which is semi-intelligent pet and/or minion... clamcase with teeth.... ensourced smartphone as wisecracking sidekick... or worse yet spirit channeling your dead mother... nag nag nag......
  • Commented on Roll the dice
    suggested characters: Cohen Barbarian Auditor of Gor (schwarzenegger's body, CPA's fussy persona) eldritch predators disguised in plain sight as urban street furniture: fire hydrants, British post boxes, Timelord's blue box, etc.; NYC-centric versions include: faux yellow taxis consuming lawyers, faux...
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