• Commented on All Glory to the New Management!
    Osteopaths have been better doctors for me - more likely to prescribe exercise than to just push a pill, like MD's tend to, IME. They all only just practice, anyway . . ....
  • Commented on All Glory to the New Management!
    Now imagine talking to a communicating bee hive. What's that going to be like? Like she of many names?...
  • Commented on Dead plots
    I'm in a large-ish city in USA and my neighborhood is very mixed between red and blue. If we get to the point of shooting each other, it's going to be Hell on Earth. I fear things would devolve to...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas" (Part 2)
    I work with public safety answering points, airports, etc who record calls and screen captures. Massively generalizing, they normally keep things like audio records for a few months or less. Mortgage companies kept their records forever as loans can be...
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