Frank Shannon

Frank Shannon

  • Commented on Fossil fuels are dead (and here's why)
    But Charlie, I thought Tony Stark wasn't your idea of a hero! Seriously, if Elon Musk pulls this off he will be a hero....
  • Commented on Countdown to Crazy
    The GOP doesn't like anything but enthusiastic submission. If you are adding Democratic Senators by any means at all you had better be ready to overcome every form of resistance they can muster....
  • Commented on Countdown to Crazy
    No. A simple majority vote is sufficient....
  • Commented on Countdown to Crazy
    Charlie- It's not that hard. DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa are all available. There was a legal request to merge two Republican states (IIRC North and South Dakota) that Congress has the discretion to take up. I don't think...
  • Commented on Dead plots
    Charlie I wish I could agree with you. I think you don't want to stop using conspiracy theories because they're definitely not going to stop being a part of the world. In fact they're only going to increase in importance...
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