• Commented on Central Banking on Mars!
    Glad to hear that....
  • Commented on Central Banking on Mars!
    Good luck, pulling for you....
  • Commented on Submarine coming through!
    I notice that a US Republican congressman-elect has just died from Covid. I've also seen that the number of Republican office holders who have had Covid is three times the number of Democrats. Assuming this continues, in a few years...
  • Commented on Submarine coming through!
    The first year that you get rid of the bottom 10% does improve matters. The next year maybe it helps to get rid of the new bottom 10%. But after a few years, everyone left is competent. Plus the effect...
  • Commented on Countdown to Crazy
    Trump did better than expected among blacks and Hispanics than expected, a significant reason why the race was close. Also, the Democrats made the decision not to have the usual "ground game", because of the virus. This was understandable, but...
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