• Commented on An update on the revolutionary experiment
    "There is no common culture anymore, and the value systems of the successor subcultures don’t overlap enough to coexist amicably." When was there ever a common American culture? You may have thought you glimpsed one in "Leave It to Beaver"...
  • Commented on Fossil fuels are dead (and here's why)
    Welp, on languages, I might note that my first language is English, and my second was Latin. I didn't find Latin unduly difficult but, I was into the magic of Computer Science, which routinely requires you to download massive amounts...
  • Commented on On inappropriate reactions to COVID19
    >Studying for an SAT is time-consuming and expensive (study guides, tutors, coaches, etc*). I've heard of studying for an SAT but, I am not aware of anyone who actually did this. Is/was this a big thing at some point?...
  • Commented on On inappropriate reactions to COVID19
    461 : Republican efforts to justify "shrinking the government so we can drown it in the bath tub". You may be thinking Libertarians. The Republican party has never been interested in shrinking the Government, only in shifting the main expenditures...
  • Commented on Starship bloopers
    "My advanced starships in my new novel are covex cylininders..." An apparent science-fiction author and computer geek might do well to discover what a spelling checker is. This is not a recent or novel technology....
  • Commented on Starship bloopers
    MENSA level just doesn't require a high IQ (your definitions may vary). I am not clear on the idea of the IQ being on a "use it or lose it" basis. It largely seems to be intrinsic. You can forget...
  • Commented on A death in the Firm
    "The last four years have marked the utter failure of the Republican idea that the best government is no government" Eh, what? This has never remotely been an idea of the Republicans or even Libertarians. How did you confuse Republicans...
  • Commented on What happens now?
    This blog has many memorable posts from very intelligent and educated people. I frequently enjoy learning from it. I've ordered books based on some of your random meanderings and, of course I'm a fan of Mr. Stross since Accelerando, which...
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