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    I agree that groups often cluster around neurotypes like they cluster around age, class, occupation, sex, gender, religion, nationality, etc. And that making a group more 'mainstream' often destroys what made it wonderful for the odd people who created it....
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    Not just Asimov, they are in Beam Piper's "The Return" and Pournelle's "King David's Spaceship." In the early Cold War, they seemed like a plausible way of preserving large amounts of information after a disaster. Then the problems with illegible...
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    That makes some big assumptions about the resources which will be available for anything but managing climate change over the next 2 to 3 generations. A lot of current digital technologies are very energy-inefficient and creating digital storage media with...
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    *scratches head* Until the 16th century most European swords had left-right symmetrical hilts (more or less: Roland Warzecha has showed that Viking Age sword hilts often have subtle asymmetries which make sense if you assume 90% of them were hilted...
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