• Commented on World building 301: some projections
    That's true, but they subsequently did pretty well against the Greeks, and you don't see other muslim nations getting a sniff at NATO membership. Here's my one bit of stick-my-neck-out futurology: A future in which Turkey is a full EU...
  • Commented on Cynicism
    Yeah, I'm with the OP. 1. Maximum social liberty 2. Social & medical safety net + reasonable workers' rights (The real commonality between low Gini nations) 3. Societal "big ideas", funded publicly (i.e. TAX) (whether it be "go to the...
  • Commented on Nanowrimo
    This nanowrimo I'm having my first crack at a novel length piece of writing. I checked the rules and "thematically linked collection of short stories" is allowed, so I'm diving in, and just writing my way through it, and will...
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