Florian Weimer

Florian Weimer

  • Commented on Strong and Stable!
    The thing I don't understand is that the both the U.S. and the EU have programs in place designed to undermine the Taiwanese semiconductor industry (like the CHIPS Act). Key Taiwanese exporters are also strongly encouraged to diversify geographically. On...
  • Commented on Roe v Wade v Sanity
    Abortion isn't illegal in the UK, so it wouldn't be extraditable. Isn't the construction that abortion is recognized as a crime in general, but if certain conditions are met, the involved parties are not considered guilty under the law? Likewise...
  • Commented on Bad news day
    Over 4% of the population here are documented active COVID-19 cases. Official lab tests have shown a positive rate of around 45% for several weeks now. From what I can tell, voluntary testing is not encouraged for various reasons. Combine...
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