• Commented on Summer webcomics
    After a long hiatus, Chris Onstad has revived his long-dormant Achewood series on Patreon. I dareasy it's retained its sharp and pathos-ridden humor. While I'm happy to support his work (and I do) by subscribing on Patreon, unfortunately it doesn't...
  • Commented on An AI app walks into a writers room
    The current generation of ML "deep learning" technologies distress me; ignoring threats to livelihoods, projecting the actual likely usages seems to have 80% negative cases. As evidenced by these discussions, the GPT3-associated technologies are good enough to produce glib but...
  • Commented on Yokai Land Q&A
    How did you navigate trademark & license constraints? Since you'd had to change the title, I'd assumed that all Sanrio-licensed characters would be replaced by alternates, but to my naive (e.g. only a passing familiarity wit the Sanrio-verse) eye it...
  • Commented on Bad news day
    I can't help but notice that this is coming only a few days after the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Is this happenstance or did Putin want to avoid the risk of having the ROC athletes chucked out? I suppose...
  • Commented on Oh, 2022!
    I've read several articles now about how our battery-intensive future will create a high dependency on rare earth elements that are mostly or only available in China, giving it an even more outsize international influence. OTOH I'll concede it's entirely...
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