• Commented on I had a blog entry for you, but it eated me
    Money is the fungible, liquid, and physical instantiation of attainment....
  • Commented on Why I don't use the iPad for serious writing
    I see the iPad as the Miata of the computing world (all tablets really). It looks nice and it will get the basics of getting you around in comfort done well, but its not a machine for someone who really...
  • Commented on Tanenbaum's Law v. the Fermi Paradox
    That's true, but is it more energy efficient? How much energy do two computers burn sending each other 1TB of data? How much gas does a postal truck take to run? Also, think about the scaling. A postal truck going...
  • Commented on Tanenbaum's Law v. the Fermi Paradox
    Not necessarily, adding more channels does not require you to add more power, it simply lets you say more things with the power you have. A multi-channel communicator can say more things with the same effort. If you had to...
  • Commented on Tanenbaum's Law v. the Fermi Paradox
    Cost is a different issue though. The cost to product energy is not simply related. The power for the laser (according to Wolfram Alpha) for 10 years, is about 25% of the US's electrical output for 2001. So we would...
  • Commented on Tanenbaum's Law v. the Fermi Paradox
    The memory unit itself (weighting 1e-8g, 10 nanograms) assuming it has a density around that of normal diamond (~3.5g/ml) would be less than half the size of a red blood cell. The mass of the starwisp craft itself would need...
  • Commented on Cynicism
    I think the problem is that (a) is misstated. I think you mean "optimize" individual liberty. Maximized individual liberty would imply murder would be ok. You mean (I think) that individual liberties should be maximized within other unstated constraints. Saying...
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