• Commented on Crib Sheet: Quantum of Nightmares
    Hmm, future book with Marry Drop forced to dealing with the superpowered children, you could play with the plot of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (it being a Ian Flemming novel fits with your other nods to his work.) You already...
  • Commented on Make Up a Guy
    If I recall my Greco-Roman mythology correctly the rapey version of the Medusa tale was mostly the invention of Ovid, when after being exiled by Augustus he started depicting all authorities such as gods and heros as malicious and capricious....
  • Commented on Make Up a Guy
    transgenic rodents with large increase in intelligence... well that gives me some serious Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH vibes....
  • Commented on Make Up a Guy
    You could probably make a decent HP Lovecraft, or Edgar Rice Burroughs bot, both having the advantage of being mostly in the public domain, and in the case of Burrough his serialized works being fairly formulaic would be an advantage,...
  • Commented on I can't even
    Funny you mention that, I was just listening to a history podcast today about US presidential elections today.It struck me how much the rhetoric used by Regan is eerily similar to the 2016 election (if you subtract Trumps baffonary and...
  • Commented on Roe v Wade v Sanity
    Nah Troutwaters right, My point was that the US is F'ed up in its attitudes towards sex for EVERYONE....
  • Commented on Roe v Wade v Sanity
    Yes that is what is was referring to. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/talking-about-trauma/201902/when-male-rape-victims-are-accountable-child-support) Several cases are covered in different states where male rape victims have been made to pay child support to the children they fathered when they were raped by older women....
  • Commented on Roe v Wade v Sanity
    Yeah its not only women's lives they want to ruin it everyone's. Remember this is the same country that often forces male victims of rape to pay child support for children that result from said rape, even when the victim...
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