Andrew Plotkin

Andrew Plotkin

  • Commented on A Wonky Experience
    please stop blaming the tool for the fool (and/or grifter) who uses it ain't ChatGPT's fault an evil man (and/or stupid man) utilized it This is implicit in what Charlie said above, but I am going to repeat it:...
  • Commented on Worldcon in the news
    AIUI, it takes years to get that status, and you have to run as a for-profit corporation for tax purposes while demonstrating to the IRS that you are in fact a non-profit before you get credentialed as a non-profit....
  • Commented on Worldcon in the news
    and are now farting smoke signals as if to say "a secret policeman hinted that it could be very unfortunate if we didn't anticipate the Party's wishes". I would buy this if Dave McCarty were currently in China or...
  • Commented on Pushing it back
    Cars are designed to run for ten years but some of the pieces are a lot more durable. Bury a car (or just a car engine) in arid conditions and there will be recognizable gears, axles, and piston heads for...
  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    Musk has already accepted "total turnover of personnel, infrastructure, and source code" as the price of his Twitter 2.0. That die was cast when that email went out (what was that, Tuesday morning?) He figures he can hire a few...
  • Commented on The impotence of the long-distance trillionaire
    @68 Rocketpjs: I really hope Graydon shows to weigh in here, as his take on wealth and societies is compelling in ways I am still working to grasp. I frequently think his Commonweal series very slyly uses 'magic power' as...
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