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    so the "robot revolution" has already happened, but it was virtual, and among humans only a few sysadmins have noticed. ... and presumably kept quiet about it, as the cynical (experienced) among us have learned not to screw up a...
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    The soil liquefaction thing is a concern, though conditions have to be right for it. That is, the reports and articles generally don't believe the whole of Washington county is going to sink like a rock in quicksand. A scary...
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    Yes, as I said: "Not that OR and AZ don't have environmental hazards of their own...." When the Cascadia zone quake happens in OR, depending on whose report you read, the shaking and resulting tsunami is most likely to destroy...
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    The other thing to realize is that both California and Taiwan are seismically active, While that is true, and you weren't specifically referring only to Intel, it's worth noting that Intel has more sites and employees in Oregon than California....
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    British class-consciousness and nationalist xenophobia -- a chunk of which is directed at white US folks, who are clearly not English (it's the accent, not to mention the ten gallon hats). British folks think the US is populated by John...
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    And horseshit's easier to shovel, at least. It also has some possible use after the fact. E.g. fertilizer, fuel, compost ingredient, expressing displeasure to the local politician, etc....
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    It's sound advice if you can manage it. I worked a series of part-time jobs while at university, mostly because I needed the money, but also because the jobs themselves proved progressively more applicable and useful towards eventual employment after...
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