Sanity is Uncommon

Sanity is Uncommon

  • Commented on The gathering crisis
    It's worth noting that although Brexit isn't making things any better, most of the problems are coming from structural failure across Europe. And winter, without Russian gas, is going to be VERY cold. Who knew that policy documents don't make...
  • Commented on The ends of education
    I guess the unasked question is - are universities still any good for any purpose? On the job side everyone has been willingly pointing up how what you learn is obsolete within a decade at most. On the education for...
  • Commented on The ends of education
    You are really, REALLY, wrong about that. I think you did a pretty good job of demonstrating my point and why its a real, significant, problem. Rather than the time, attention and money going into productive efforts, they are going...
  • Commented on The ends of education
    Just to point out two key aspects. Its the STEM degrees that are being deemphasised - because they are expensive to deliver, and students don't actually want a hard time learning, they just want the piece of paper that they...
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