• Commented on Rule 34, meet Kafka
    I interviewed Arno Penzias at Bell Labs for OMNI. Re Picturephone, he noted among other social-context challenges to widespread use: "if you leave the video off, people are bound to wonder what you have to hide." This post suggests several...
  • Commented on Parasites
    Fictionally, I liked the sentient morels that hitchhike as extra cerebral cortex on [d?]evolved humans in Brian Aldiss' Hothouse, aka The Long Afternoon of Earth. Maybe dubious as biology, but great imagery. On second thought, not dubious biology. As a...
  • Commented on Mercury, Retrograde
    The paperclip fix is in a Laundry business process transformation project team's queue. Has been since 1973. (It's the Laundry, after all.)...
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