Dave Kasten

Dave Kasten

  • Commented on Do my Laundry
    I think you've said this in the past, but the Biggest Megatonnage Chekhov's Gun are the birds in the hangar in Filton, and the "mission that should never fly". Arguably, they've been averted with their other usage in TLI, but...
  • Commented on A fistful of tropes
    Assume you may know this already, and it may not be net-worth-it depending on your risk calculus, but the US by policy explicitly does not limit access to COVID vaccines by citizenship, so if business does bring you stateside anyways...
  • Commented on Go away, Muse, you're drunk (again)
    Okay, this successfully nerd-sniped me into me delurking and finally posting here. The obvious result of this system is that a justification for ye most honorable fantasy trope, "dragon with a hoard under a mountain with smaller monsters guarding the...
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