• Commented on A Wonky Experience
    The „wedding“ thing in the apology is easily explained if you assume that the apology was written by ChatGPT…...
  • Commented on I should blog more, but ...
    I‘m not a lawyer by any means, much less a British one, but I would bet serious money that this type of smoking ban is completely, totally, utterly impossible to get past even the most well-meaning court. You do not...
  • Commented on Pushing it back
    I think we actually tend to OVERestimate the duration of houses, because we only see the old lines that have been cared for and thus survived. A perfect example of survivorship bias. Take a walk in the woods in most...
  • Commented on Summer webcomics
    If you‘re into long-running webcomics, Girl Genius ( and Order of the Stick ( deserve a mention....
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