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  • Commented on Worldcon in the news
    The release of the nomination stats revealed two horrible problems with the 2023 Hugos: Arbitrary and unexplained disqualification of certain people/works Numbers that are clearly manipulated if not plain made up I was thinking that these were two distinct issues,...
  • Commented on Made of lies (and more lies)
    Notable to me that Bard found no facts connecting Stross and Scotland, yet that's certainly something that would have come up if I, a mere human, were asked to list Facts About Charlie. I'm trying to imagine the non-fiction mathematics...
  • Commented on A fistful of tropes
    Tropes not used, not used by much of anybody tbh: Silurian Hypothesis: intelligent species might have existed in the past, how would we know? today, what might be living e.g. as network in crust of earth/near hydrothermal vents? There are...
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