Pete Emil Rowskit

Pete Emil Rowskit

  • Commented on Announcement time!
    That's a great start. Now add that the Black Chamber and the Laundry had basically forgotten about each other during the cold war, but the post 9/11 restructuring means that they are both now part of DHS, a hapless bureaucracy...
  • Commented on Do my Laundry
    So I figure that there is only a small time window left in the New Management series story line until the Black Pharaoh takes over the rest of the world? Having killed his opponents in the US and domestically and...
  • Commented on Do my Laundry
    Any details on the black pharao's plan to sacrifice the population of Continental Europe, mentioned by Mhari in Labyrinth Index ("blood crusted Union Jack moving eastwards" or similar). I guess it will be developed further in the New Management series,...
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