• Commented on Made of lies (and more lies)
    I kind of wonder how much the Bard is affected by the massive quantities of sewage (lies, misrepresentations, bullshit, as well as garden variety LLM-generated random text) continuously spilled onto the Internet, and if some of the weirder falsehoods that...
  • Commented on I should blog more, but ...
    So Fabian Everyman is to Rishi Sunak what Congressman Matt Santos was to Barack Obama? As a foreigner, I have missed most of what was going on, but have been wondering just how the 15 minute city is suddenly the...
  • Commented on Pushing it back
    Or, riffing on a familiar idea, perhaps during Hothouse Earth periods practically all larger animals had been turned into the mind controlled pets - or tools - of continent-wide colonies of somewhat-intelligent fungi by the time they reached maturity, and...
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