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    The US reality-based community is open-mouthed. Happy, but incredulous. The GOP in Congress is acting as though the election is over, and they want to be Obama's good side. Of course we all want to know why. Krugman's theory is...
  • Commented on Sometimes I hate being right
    Ok, check that one off! I knew there was a reason we kept that sociopathy geneset at the 5% level. Do you have a scorecards somewhere of ALL your Rule 34 predictions? Must be at least 20 in there. What...
  • Commented on FAQ: spam
    The pharma injunction is pretty ironic post rule 34. Absolutely brilliant book incidentally. I just finished. But are you going to give your spamfans a cut of the take? Seems only fair :-). Also, what is the connection between ATHENA...
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