David Earle

David Earle

  • Commented on So you say you want a revolution
    As someone living across the pond I'm concerned about what a British banking collapse (assuming at least one major bank screws up its Brexit escape plan and causes a gaping securities wound) might do to the rest of the world...
  • Commented on Dead plots
    I had a paragraph about scaling down conspiracy theories to make them work but I arrived at John Grisham novels. Personally I can't imagine writing a political satire anytime soon: Veep might be the last notable one the US sees...
  • Commented on A small research question
    Good to know. Is it possible for them to oxidize metal enough to cause rapid rusting?...
  • Commented on A small research question
    A recent (not at all hard science) fictional example from Metal Gear Solid 5 with ties to real-life parasites. Skip a bit if you care about semi-spoilers. The main threat in the game comes from vocal cord parasites that colonize...
  • Commented on Brontosaurus BDSM, Werewolf Marines, and Serious Social Issues: Self-Publishing in the Wild
    User DocSupreme at io9 talks about their experiences self-publishing erotica on Amazon here. Doc has some pretty good tips on the whole thing and seems to be doing well at it....
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