Kari Sperring

Kari Sperring

  • Posted What are words worth? to Charlie's Diary
    Someone told me last weekend that I'm a good listener. My reaction to this was both to be flattered and to be rather surprised -- my inner self is convinced it talks far too much and to far little avail....
  • Commented on Of Blood and Honey, And Blue Skies from Pain
    Hi, Stina! With my historian hat on, I was pretty impressed by your books, and in particular by your ear for the rhythms of speech and thought. It's a deep, deep problem whose origins go way back -- further than...
  • Posted The things that used to be to Charlie's Diary
    Over the last couple of months, Phil and I have been rewatching the classic BBC tv series, Blake's 7, which was originally shown between 1978 and 1981. Back then, as a teenager (yes, I'm old), I would watch or read...
  • Posted The myths of Avalon to Charlie's Diary
    In almost every subject, there are things which 'everyone knows'. The earth is round. Apples fall down, not up. You can see the Great Wall of China from Space. Some of these are true, more or less; some, like the...
  • Posted On the book migration lanes to Charlie's Diary
    Many evenings, sometime after ten, a skein of geese fly over our house, on their way home from their daylight feeding grounds. I've never seen them clearly - too high, too dark - but I hear them, calling out to...
  • Posted Questions, questions... to Charlie's Diary
    I am, as Charlie said yesterday in his introduction, a historian. More precisely, I'm a historian specialising in the history of the Celtic-speaking peoples - the Welsh, the Irish, the Scots, the Bretons, the Cornish - in the early middle...
  • Posted Testing, testing to Charlie's Diary Test Bed
    So, here I am in the Big Wide World of well-known blogs. The oxygen is thin out here, I'm told, and the exposure high. I have my big girl boots on (well, they're slip on wedge sandals, but you get the idea), but I'm still not sure I'm ready for this. Hi, I'm Kari, by the way, and this is by way of a test run. My blogging experience runs mainly to the (reasonably) simple waters of LJ and the slightly less smooth ones of my own website, which has comfortingly low traffic but is a nice shade of blue....
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