Maarten Schenk

Maarten Schenk

  • Commented on Competition Time!
    NAME: The Metaphysical Turk CLASSIFICATION: Occult Analysis App/Web Service (level 3 special access under cooperation program with U.S. Black Chamber) DEPLOYMENT: An interesting side-effect of the growing incarceration rate among the population of our U.S. allies is that there has...
  • Commented on National Talk About Something Else Day
    Working on my side project: a website that automatically discovers stories, images, videos etc. that are trending right now on Facebook. Just redesigned the whole thing, it can be found at (I apologize in advance for any election-related stuff...
  • Commented on Status update
    This is the 'Hired gun' speaking... I have looked into the issue with the usernames consisting of long strings of gibberish. From what I have found it appears that if you try to log in with an external service like...
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