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Sat, 25 Oct 2003

The liver is evil and must be punished

It's a quarter past midnight on Friday night and I've just finished work for the evening. I'm going cross-eyed (damn these new spectacles) and if it was a bit earlier I'd be heading out to the pub to celebrate. Because ...

About two and a bit years ago, I sold two SF novels to Ace. And my agent said, "hey, Ace won't publish the first one for a couple of years. Why don't you take a year out to try writing a big fat fantasy series, or alternate history, or something I can sell for LOT$ OF MONEY?" [[NB: she was wrong about Ace taking two years.]] And I thought for a bit and said, "how about if I write a Marxist deconstruction of your traditional extruded fantasy product, as told from the point of view of the Dark Lord?" And she said, "don't be silly." So I said ...

Bah, you're not interested in this stuff. So cut to the chase: I'm writing a mammoth alternate-history-time-travel-fantasy epic for Tor. (Actually they contain a post-feminist political critique of neoconservative imperialism and Straussian philosophy, but my agent told me to play up the unicorns instead ... but I digress.) Anyway, I'm under contract for three books. And I just now finished the final edit on volume #2, which will be going off to my editor on Monday. Which is why I'd normally go out to the pub to drink myself into a stupor -- because that's the only sane response to finishing the sixth draft of anything.

Meanwhile, oh, I sold another couple of books to Ace this month. Next summer sees the publication of "Iron Sunrise", the sequel to "Singularity Sky"; assuming all goes to plan, summer 2005 should see publication of "Accelerando", and summer 2006 should roll with "Glasshouse". "Accelerando" is the insanely complex, baroque, and somewhat anarchic lump of exposition from which the stories in Asimov's SF magazine are drawn; Asimov's bought the eighth (of nine) last month, and Gardner personally threatened to fly into Edinburgh and burn an upside-down microprocessor on my lawn if I didn't damn well deliver the ninth, and sooner rather than later. (Okay, I exaggerate. A little.) "Accelerando" is more than merely difficult to write -- I've been working on it since summer '99, and having a submission deadline for the final draft (gulp!) is quite terrifying, even if it's nine months away.

"Glasshouse" is the short novel that mugged me back in April. Weirdly enough, it works (modulo some work that the end needs). I wrote it because John Varley didn't. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) Helpful clue: "glasshouse" is old British army slang for a military prison.

Anyway, I'm taking the weekend off. After the weekend, when I get down to work it will be to attack either (a) my current collaboration with Cory Doctorow (a sequel to Jury Duty), (b) the end of "Accelerando", (c) the third fantasy novel for Tor, (d) a review for "Foundation", or (e) my sanity.

There's no rest for the wicked ...

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