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Morning Tidbits #3

Judge caught using penis pump on himself while sitting in judgement.

You couldn't make this stuff up (unless you're Tom Sharpe, maybe).


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No, you just have the sex robots and dwarf mammoths.

I bet there's a lot of lawyers considering whether they have grounds for their clients to appeal.

"So, do I appeal to the Judge."

"Obviously not, he was using a penis pump."


Stephanie Miller uses a washing machine sound effect on her radio show when they talk about this


I guess that shows the large difference between being a big prick and having one.


It does sound like something out of Tom Sharpe's South African novels.


Heh. Stuff like this is why Tom Lehrer quit doing musical comedy back in the 1960s and went back to teaching math at Harvard, or wherever. He said that nothing he could think of could trump what he read in the papers.

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