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Hugo nominations

If you went to the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention, or if you're signed up to go to this year's convention (Nippon 2007, in Yokohama) you're eligible to nominate up to five items in each category for the Hugo Award. The five most frequently nominated works then go onto the final ballot for the award.

You can find the online ballot here. Closing date for nominations is March 3rd (Midnight, Pacific Standard Time). I encourage you to nominate stuff you've read or seen during 2006 that struck you as good. The Hugo shortlist — on which the final vote is held — is put together on the basis of far too few nominations (as few as a couple of dozen nominees, in the least popular categories).

Declaration of interest: I have three novels which are eligible this year (The Clan Corporate, Glasshouse, and The Jennifer Morgue), and one novella (Missile Gap). So yes, I do have a dog in this race. But don't let that put you off voting for anybody else. 2006 was a vintage year for SF, in my opinion, and we're spoiled for choice.



Alas, not eligible for the Hugos. Have nominated for the Nebs, though. Good luck!


Alas, not eligible for the Hugos.

Never mind. I'm certain there's a Scaife funded cheque you could probably grab for instead.


Are you actually off to the Land of the Rising Sun for this years Hugos anyone!?


I'm heading to Yokohama. Taking about a month in Japan, in fact -- how could I not? It's a research trip! Honest!


Uh...Do you need a research partner!?

I've been trying to save to go to Japan for years. My jealousy knows no bounds!

Well good luck on the voting; I think that you've got a couple of really strong candidates this year (mind you, you did last year). Here's hoping 2007 is the start of a better year.


'm heading to Yokohama. Taking about a month in Japan, in fact -- how could I not?> It's a research trip! Honest!

Why not ? Fascinating place. Different but not alien. You will be surprise how far you can get with only a handful of words in japanese.

Why Yokohama, BTW ?

Andreas (Kobe)


Why Yokohama, BTW ?

That's where the convention is this year, you'd have to ask the planners why they picked it. :)

Though if he's spending a month there, I'm sure he'll be visiting other places...


See, if for sheer touristability, if you can get to a place called Tenryu-ji (I think). Old temple out in the middle of knowhere, but with one of the most amazing examples of accousting engineering ever!

Damn - I'm going to go sell my car or something. I've waited to long to go to East.


I'm heading to Yokohama. Taking about a month in Japan, in fact -- how could I not? It's a research trip! Honest!

How are you getting there?

Regards Luke


I got my WFC ballot yesterday. Thanks for reminding me of The Jennifer Morgue. Or, no, maybe I should nominate The Clan Corporate. I mean, if they're gonna call sf fantasy...


Japan is a blast. You should have little problem getting around in the cities, as most public transportation has enough english signage to figure things out. Having said that, if you are there as a guest, you will be treated like a visiting head of state, and will not have to worry about mundane things like reading signs. The Japanese are the best hosts ever!

Try to make a side trip to Kyoto. The train station is an amazing piece of SF architecture, and Sanjusangen-do is unforgettable.

Kyoto Station photos here:


Kyoto Station photos here:

Kyoto station always reminds me of a little man-made mountain range.



Sorry, Serraphin, the research assistant job's already been bagged by me. There was a requirement to take lots of Japanese classes, you see.


Wow - you got a tough one on the awards but Japan will be an award even if you walk away with nothing more than applause.

Just finished MISSLE GAP and its the best alt-history SF I've read in years. Should be a slamdunk for Novella. GLASSHOUSE is, well, amazing and should get it just for the tweak on gender roles and representations alone (about halfway through the reader realizes they've had a couple of basic preconceptions permanently tweaked or downright diasbled - wonderful wonderful re-entrant stack hack, that).

And the JENNIFER MORGUE I loved but then I love the whole premise (as old IT guy, I roared throught ATROCITY and immediately got JENNIFER).

Say, uh, GLASSHOUSE and JENNIFER - doesn't that mean you're competing with . . . yourself? Your afterwards on that and ATROCITY ARCHIVES very very insightful. Man, keep it up!



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