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Signing tomorrow

I'll be signing books at Pandemonium Books in Central Square, Cambridge (that's Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, not Cambridge, UK) tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7pm.



Say, um, if I bring a stack of hardcovers I already own -- would that be offensive? I mean, I don;t think I will either way but I was always curious how writers would take to that.


Say, um, if I bring a stack of hardcovers I already own -- would that be offensive? I mean, I don;t think I will either way but I was always curious how writers would take to that.


Awesome, time to dig up my copy of Missile Gap. Also I think I karmically owe you some large number of beers for putting latter day Levellers in a SF book.


Cool, I'll have to stop by. The shuttle between Harvard Medical School (in Boston) where I work and Harvard in Cambridge stops right by there, which is where I get off. Not that anyone asked.

- Jon


cl: I have no problem signing books of mine you bought anywhere; the owners of Pandemonium may have a different opinion, but I'm sure they'll be gracious (especially if you buy something or other while you're in their store).


Nor is it Cambridge, Ontario :-) How many Cambridges are there, anyway?!


You seen this? :P


Charlie, you're 550'ing my e-mail as spam.

Anyway, two things; recalling the High Frontier thread, I note that Edgar Dijkstra touched on the question of institutional longevity. (

Looks like it's the universities you'll need to watch. Also, I'd like your opinion on the new version of my blog, at


Alex: I've moved to for email and am having some teething troubles with the spam filter's paranoia being set too high. I'm also in the US with sporadic routing to the admin interface. When I get through I'll whitelist you. Meanwhile, the email contact form will get through to me.


Alex: you're whitelisted now (the spam filtering server is a bit paranoid).


Pandemonium's been having some more of its on-again off-again financial trouble recently, so I encourage everyone to buy lots of stuff while you're there!


My e-mail got spammed as well - I've posted it to the previous discussion, as a way of getting through - what happend, I know not, since you got photos of the Fluff-Factory (aka Hexadecimal the CAT) not too long since....


Axel @ 6

There is also the town of Cambridge (famous for horse-breeding) in New Zealand. It's even on a more impressive river (the Waikato) than the Cam.


CL @ 5: Some writers ask that those with bundles wait till the end. Having stood behind some fans with what appears to be the writer's entire corpus, I can only agree.


Ok, now I need to trek out to Cambridge tonight. Had I checked yesterday, I could have brought books with me to work, but I didn't and now I get to traipse all over creation. Hey - an excuse to go to an area I really like (Central Sq), probably find food while I'm there, AND get a book [or books] signed by an author whose work I greatly enjoy (and which seems to keep me relatively sane).

I'm remembering that I haven't been to Pandemonium since they were in Harvard Sq - so I'm going in search of reading material, as I always need it.


Re #8 and institutional longevity--Henry Kolm, inventor of maglev, rail guns, co-inventor of mass drivers, involved in the development various medical technologies based on magnetics, etc. etc. etc. (the world would be a different, worse, place without him), walked away from a tenured senior research position at MIT... his website discusses it, he blames Benjamin Lax for the destruction of the Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory (the two of them did NOT appreciate one another). It had been the foremost magnetic research facility in the world and again, all sorts of things got invented/developed there, but....


Thanks for a very enjoyable reading, Q&A, and signing!


Naturally, I am the sort of guy who misses stuff like signings. But, I did just get a superb non-seqitur piece of bacn from Amazon:

Dear Customer,
We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated Glasshouse by Charles Stross have also purchased The Master of the World: [EasyRead Super Large 18pt Edition]. For this reason, you might like to know that The Master of the World: [EasyRead Super Large 18pt Edition] is now available. You can order yours for just $15.99 by following the link below.

Thank you, Doctor Amazon. The check is in the post. Now where did I put my glasses?


Of *course* you're in town when I'm in California.


Hope the trip went well. :-)



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