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Holding pattern ...

Been on the road; on the way home: normal service will be resumed in the next day or two.



Have a stress-free return.


Second James's comment. Also, you may be interested in Kevin Kelly's post on "thinkism", which is a response to the idea of the singularity: .


Ada: Kevin Kelly is spot on, insofar as he's pointing out that Ray Kurzweill's trousers are made of a fabric so sheer and so fine that it, er, appears to be transparent to the point of invisibility.

(Kurzweill is guilty, in my view, of millenarian zeal -- a phenomenon that is extremely, tiresomely, familiar to anyone who's even glanced at the history of early mediaeval Europe, circa 950-1050 AD.)


A very ineresting article, Ada, although I don't think we're ever in too much danger of "thinkism". Typically i's the "doism" I'm more worried about. :)


What books do you recommend on the history of early medieval Europe?


I thought for a moment that the title here might be a sequel to Halting State. :P



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