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Friday cat vlogging

Because it's Friday, and we have a video camera, here's Mafdet, wondering why we're poking a box in her face instead of giving her all the cat treats in the observable universe:

(If you're wondering whether this is a dry run to see if I can videocast from my office, the answer is "definitely maybe".)



Cute cat, Charlie, but it does require an obligatory link to the cat proximity graph:


She doesn't look at all like her blogging would suggest. But points for the purring combined with the intense look of worry on her face!


It should be pointed out that it's hosted on my YouTube channel and, should you be tempted to subscribe to it, future offerings will focus on drag (and fake drag) nuns giving out safer sex advice and being generally outrageous, and not the proposed Charlie Stross vlog.


Excellent name. Though I hope she isn't insulted by the idea she's part human.


I prefer Vimeo to youtube.


Aww, I miss my old cat even more now. I thought I'd been all the way though the xkcd archives but I'd never seen the cat proximity graph before. Frighteningly accurate.

Looking forward to the potential videocast almost as much as the impending Bruce Campbell appearance at the Cameo...


Charlie, will your horrendous anti-SPAM filters allow me to send you pictures of our two?

Because Hex is cute & fluffy, but Ratatosk (9-month old Birman tom) is UNSPEAKABLY CUTE!
And knows it ......
And is trouble .....


She's so cute!


You know, I think the sf writers should get together and raise some money for the SPCA by vlogging their furry masters. Mafdet, Scalzi's cats, Watts' Banana (it's a cat, I swear), Elizabeth Bear's could really do a Friday Felines of the Future thing, here, with a little PayPal button at the bottom of each post.

(Dear God, I'm turning into a cat agent. Help.)


And no pictures of that other cat that does not exist!


... did I hear purring?

I think I did. No, I definitely did. So your assessment is wrong; that's not a cat wondering about things. That's a cat happy to play around with the people she loves. Or rather, with the people who feed her. Which, for a cat, amounts to the same thing. :)


Don't be fooled by the purring. Like all cats she is simply biding her time until she decides to KILL US ALL!

I say this as a cat-lover by the way.


Aww. But then again, I'm a sucker for anything that purrs at me, even via youtube.

The purring is one of the reasons I put up with my 13lb cat sleeping on my feet most nights. How can you get angry with a purring lump of gray cuteness, even if he tries to keep you from reading in bed...


And if you were to, theorerically, run a videocast from your office. What would you want to be casting at us?


Serraphin: I don't know. What would you like to see me cast at you?


Translated from cat Sign:
Paparazzi, paparazzi - can't a cat have a private life? Here you, get away, no cameras!



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