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When we is Ten ...

Diving back, back into the mists of prehistoric blogospherical time, I discover that I started blogging in 2001. (On Saturday, August 18th at 10:16am, near as I can date it ...)

You can find my early blog entries, made via Slashdot, here. After March 2002, I quit using Slashdot as a blog tool and moved onto a blosxom server on my colo box.

You can find most of my blosxom blog entries here. (Due to a filesystem whoopsie, blog postings from before March 2002 all got jumbled together and can be found on this page.)

I am going to try and remember to do a tenth blogoversary posting on August 18th, 2011. If I show signs of forgetting, prod me. OK?



How odd. I just went back to see when my #1 posting was, and I made an announcement on about my blog on Sept. 18, 2001. How about that.

Back then my web site was just a site -- a place to play with various web tools and ideas. An "online journal" thingy was just another one of those web tools I wanted to play with.


I recently discovered a backup of my original website, on the intranet of my then-employer in mid-1993.

Must see about tidying it up and shoving it online somewhere ...


How much is that in dog years, of which the internet doesn't know if you're one? Or bird years, for people's tweets? Or cat years, modulo 9 lives, as a hot spare back-up methodology?

Onwards towards the Binary Millennium. And pre-congratulations!


I missed noticing my decade blogiversary, last May.


Hmmm; your ten year anniversary would seem to fall on the second day of Worldcon in 2011....

I imagine there might be one or two people around then who'll be happy to remind you.


But 2011 is soo far in the future ... people will have flying atomic cars by then.


@Andreas/6 - and people will eat small pills only, surf with neural nets and have field physics for everyday things like going shopping, which won't be necessary anymore thanks to the singularity happening then, filled by self-reproducing bush robot cornucopias, so that there will be space socialism a la "The New Frontier".


One of the neat things about this sort of thing is that looking through the archives is so easy. Charlie, can you look back at those old posts and say anything about what has changed for you since then? Did your opinions on space colonization change from 'difficult, but doable' to 'out of the question', for example? Did you become more 'conservative'? Were you more of an angry young man whose temperament has since been moderated, or have you become bitter and mean in your old age? Or are you still the same old same old sweet guy we all know and love?

Looking back at some of my old stuff from the mid-80's makes me wish that I knew then what I know now, how to handle various types of people and situations . . . but those are usenet postings. Somehow, a blog seems to be different. More of bildunsgroman, if you see what I mean.


If one runs a blog it has to be PAID for, right?

How much?
I see that one can do Google/blogger, bvut theu=ir sign in for commnets is wierd (rejects me, even though I'm registered, about 75% of time - and I assume that even THAT costs .....


Greg: the real cost of a blog is in your time, not the cost of paying for hosting. (Although I rent a full-up server, which costs a whole lot more than, for example, paying for wordpress hosting on someone else's system.)


That may be true, Charlie, but it is still an immense leap in quantity and quality of source material for interested researchers. What do we know about the life of Johnson? Pretty much all we're going to know, as related by Boswell. There just isn't that much source material. And it gets worse the further back in time you go; the only access we generally have to men of letters is that they did in fact write letters (or diaries, but you know what I mean.)

Facebook, personal blogs, etc, those make the ruminations of individuals so much more accessible. Now, I'm not saying that we're going to get the inside scoop on Obama because of his twittering, or facebook updates. But in the future, the People of Importance will be leaving just this kind of trail behind them. And instead of knowing very little about my grandma, and that from knee-level, people in the future from, say, 2106, will be able to look at streaming video, hyperlinks, etc, to see just what kind of people their great-grandparents really were.

Another possible innovation coming from blogging will be Rucker's Life Box idea. The blog as a sort of cut-rate mini-me.


We may not get the inside scoop on the current president, but there's got to be a decent chance that the president after the president after next is right now a teen or twenty something leaving a trail of blog posts, tweets, and facebook photos behind them.

We may need to be more tolerant of past minor misdemeanours, or we will end up only with politicians who have planned their career since they were 12.


Johnny 99: We may need to be more tolerant of past minor misdemeanours, or we will end up only with politicians who have planned their career since they were 12.

Or, infinitely more frightening, had their career planned for them since they were 12.

(Fade, to a chorus of "We're only making plans for Nigel" by XTC.)



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