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Eastercon LX

I'll be away at Eastercon LX in Bradford this weekend, so scarce around here between Thursday and Wednesday. The good news is, I'm not doing a guest of honour slot this year; my schedule is limited to just two panel discussions (for which I am extremely grateful)! So — a weekend of curry, beer, and good company beckons.

In other news: still bogged down in the death march to complete "The Trade of Queens" (which is coming along nicely), still working on background for the sequel to "Halting State", and likely to be away from home for the whole of May (most of which I'll be spending in London, Seattle, Portland, and Baltimore). More on developments nearer the time ...



Don't get curried away.


Still loving the blog! I'm surprised Wired UK didn't come begging for you to be a columnist.


If you are in London, PLEASE e-mail me - I'll buy you (one) drink at some convenient location (I do know most of the good London Pubs...)
And we can discuss our Feline Overlords ......


Greg: Seconded.


Leg still in plaster until after Easter, dammit!

My fractured spine has healed. My sensitive fannish face is un-scarred. On the whole, it's not so bad.

It almost makes a global depression seem tolerable.


And let us know when you'll be in Portland. I'm ready to stand you a pint or two of Oregon beer and ale, and we'll do some taste-testing.


See you in Bradford! I came to this blog after attending your GoH slot last year and wanting to hear more from you.


Hit me up for Seattle food and coffee recs if you like. I don't live there anymore, but I do still pine for the food on occasion. Enjoy your Easter(con)!


(@ 3,4)
thirded London, I think I owe you a Mr Kipping cookie


I don't know how much Macx's tastes match yours, but a corollary to Mr. Cohen above: Portland's Belmont Station has gueuze, and various other lovely cidery Belgian beers, if ever you manage to get out of Powell's.


Coppers on Segways Spot: Schiphol Airport. Unfortunatly they were moving to fast and by the time I got my camera phone out they had gone out of sight - even in tolerant Amsterdam I figured chasing two policemen with an electronic device in a busy international airport to be "not wise".


Keith: Yup, I've flown through there recently. Anyone on a segway looks like Wile E. Coyote, but the effect is slightly spoiled by the accessories -- a Glock and an MP5, I think. Indeed, chasing heavily armed cops with an electronic device through a busy airport terminal qualifies as "not wise", so I'm glad you had more sense!


ISTR somebody writing a short story about Bradford, years ago. One of the phrases was that 'Bradford' should enter military slang, as in 'we bombarded the town until it was thoroughly Bradforded'.


Portland has lots of excellent beer and food options.

I want to plug the Deschutes Brewery brew-pub, conveniently close to Powell's downtown. I went there with my wife and daughter around New Years and found it excellent. The food is good, and the beers are outstanding - Deschutes is one of the best regional craft breweries, and they apparently serve a lot of varieties at their pub that they never bottle, including trying out new experiments from their brewmasters. It would be pointless trying to recommend specific flavors to you, as their list is constantly changing, but their Abyss stout is one of the highest rated beers ever at Beer Advocate, which makes any of their dark-malted porters and stouts a good bet.


Barry@13: I think you'll find that "bradforded" as a verb was coined by our Host himself in his still-excellent The Loser Cruiser.


Is there a schedule somewhere of where you'll be, when? I've looked around, and possibly missed one (and if so, I'm sorry)-- but I'd *really* like to know when you'll be coming to Baltimore, so I can go camp out for tickets-- months ahead, if necessary. :-)


Brendan, Charlie is GoH at Balticon.



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