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What I'm doing this week

Friday 1st, 1pm: I'm doing a public signing at Forbidden Planet in London.

Friday 1st, 6:30pm: I'm doing a benefit talk with Cory Doctorow, Resisting the All-Seeing Eye, at the Crypt on the Green in Clerkenwell (London): proceeds to the Open Rights Group.

Sunday 3rd, noon: As part of the Sci-Fi London festival I'm doing a kaffeeklatch (at the Apollo Piccadilly, 19 Regent Street). Free, but tickets are limited.

I'm also doing some other stuff while I'm in London, but strictly as a member of the audience!

(Finally: Saturn's Children is a finalist for the Locus Readers' Award.)



Congratulations on the Locus nomination.


My congratulations as well.

When I first glanced at your Friday 1st, 1pm event, I read it as "I'm doing a public singing at Forbidden Planet."

This was a strange interpretation, so I re-read and got the correct one.


So alternative miss world on the saturday?


Ditto the congrats above, and I'm now seriously peeved - I can't make it to Planet on Friday, and I would probably have asked you for an autograph on my copy of The Revolution Business.

Feeling rather odd about it, as I bought it from Amazon when in the States last week - but only just read about all the weirdness with them tonight. And now extremely sad because it was very good - but can't wait for the finale!

Please let me know what criteria your proof readers for The Trade of Queens need to have...


Peter: too late, I handed the book in earlier today and it's now officially in production (for publication next April).


also congrat's on Saturn's Children, brilliant concepts and a good read, currently reading Revolution Business and once I get my hands on Toast and Wireless I will have caught up with all your published novels.... so also interested in proof reader cheeky but thought I would ask...


Oh the inhumanity! Knowing that it exists, but not being able to get to it for a whole year... anyone got a time machine? ;-)


WILL see you at "Forbidden"
Hope to make Kaffee-Klatsch
Crypt on the Green sounds interesting.
You DO realise there are two good pubs VERY close?
The "Sekforde Arms" - just up the road - sells Youngs, and The "Dovetail" in Jerusalem Passage, specialises in Belgian mind-altering substances ......


Hope to see you there. I will be buying the new book, but is it Ok to bring my other books by your good self? I enjoyed Saturn's Children and Glasshouse, but my favourite (so far) is the Atrocity Archives.

If you're up for it, I have a suggestion for an amusing dedication on the flyleaf...


I hope you didn't get too sick scoffing all those bakewell tarts. Have a great weekend.


Maggie: many thanks, but I'm rationing myself to one per day! I'm not used to that much refined sugar in one package. Hope you had a good weekend too.


re: The Revolution Business
so many CAPITAL LETTERS, so little time.
*gold star*



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