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I am currently in Leeds, city of my birth, visiting relatives. When I get home I'll have about 36 hours to run the washing machine and re-pack, then I'm off to Montreal for the worldcon.

I'll try to find something interesting to blog about, but I may be a bit quiet for the next few days due to too many trains, planes, and automobiles.



Have fun. Wish I could make it to the WorldCon. Are they going to post audio or video of your discussion with Krugman?


'We put ordinary batteries in five of these science-fiction writers. . . '


We're flying out on Monday, so we'll be there to help set up, and tear down at the end. We're mad I tell you. Hope to catch some of your panels in between crises!


DJP @ 2
That made me laugh, and at the end (11 hours of 12) of a night shift ending on a Saturday morning, that's a good thing......


We'll be at WorldCon Friday, yay. Hope to bump into you. Apropos of the last post, it won't hurt if I do run into you, as I am another nicely upholstered person.


Leeds eh? I'm also Leeds-born (and, subsequently, bred). Rather proud of that heritage too :)

Feel free to say "Hi" to my mum in Armley, or perhaps my old stomping grounds in Headingley. I do miss the old place now that I'm further south


Well, you *could* just hook up a hat-camera and mic, and do 'The Stross Show' reality-blogging.



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