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Genre award awareness

Every year, John Scalzi posts a blog entry inviting authors who have published work in the preceding year that's eligible for nominations for the field's awards to announce and/or link to the work in question. As he says:

So if you're a science fiction and fantasy author, editor, or artist: Tell us what works of yours (or if you in yourself) are eligible for award consideration this year. The site gets up to 50,000 visitors a day, many of whom nominate for Hugos/Nebulas/Other genre awards, so it's a decent way to get the word out.
This site doesn't get 50,000 visitors a day; more like 19,000 (peaking at 62,000 on a really good day, which this isn't). But if you want to tell everyone what you've published in 2013, feel free to do so here as well! I'm pretty sure our readerships form only partially overlapping sets ...

I am now going to plagiarize (with edits) John's eminently sensible rules for this kind of thread:

1. This thread is only for authors/artists/editors to promote their own works. If you're not an author/artist/editor promoting your own work, don't post on the thread. Any comment not by an author/artist/editor promoting his/her own work will be removed. This is to keep the thread useful both to creators and to folks thinking about nominations.

2. Also, to be clear, this thread is for works of or relating to science fiction and fantasy, including Young Adult and fandom-related work. If you're not sure your particular work is eligible for awards this year, please check.

3. Authors/Artists/Editors: Feel free to list/link to your eligible works in the comments, or link to a blog post outlining your eligible works.

4. If you list your work, please mention the category you expect it to be eligible in, to help folks with their nomination choices. My assumption is that generally speaking you'll use the Hugo and Nebula categories, but if another award has a category outside those, feel free to list it too (for example, anthologies). Note to short fiction writers: This will be especially important for you to do this because people may not know whether to file your work into the short story, novelette or novella categories.

5. If you want to include links to your works, please feel free, but be aware that posts with many links may be delayed in moderation. Don't worry, I'll let them through in due course: but please make sure that before you post, you check all your links and formatting.

6. One post per creator/editor, please.

Let the self promotion begin. (I'll go first.)



I have two eligible items published in 2012:

1) NOVELLA – Equoid (published on, read it right here!). It’s a stand-alone story set in the universe of the Laundry Files. Warning: not suitable for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or Unicorns. Especially Unicorns.

2) NOVEL – Neptune’s Brood (published by Ace in the USA and Orbit in the UK). It’s a space opera about space pirates, accountants, and the inadvisability of interplanetary travelling churches. Also contains Communist Space Squid. Warning: probably not suitable for fans of Bitcoin ...


I'd appreciate consideration for these eligible items in 2013:

1) NOVEL - The Darwin Elevator (my debut, published by Del Rey in the US and Titan in the UK/AUS/NZ)

2) SHORT STORY - Wave of Infection (published on

Thank you!


Thanks Charlie!

My award-eligible work this year:

A near-future novel, THE RED: FIRST LIGHT, and three short stories: “Through Your Eyes” (Asimov’s, April/May 2013), “Out In The Dark” (Analog, June 2013), and “Halfway Home” (Nightmare Magazine, September 2013). Details and links are on my blog:


Hi Charlie, thanks for doing this! My name is Erika Ensign, and I’m the technical producer and one of the cohosts of the Doctor Who podcast Verity!

My fellow cohosts are Deborah Stanish, Katrina Griffiths, L.M. Myles, Lynne M. Thomas, and Tansy Rayner Roberts. We are eligible in the Best Fancast Hugocategory.

Our tagline is “Six smart women discussing Doctor Who.” I think that pretty much says it all.

We're also eligible for the 2014 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific).


Thanks for this, Charlie.

'Queen of Nowhere' is post-cyberpunk space opera, published by Gollancz, and is eligible in the novel category.

Only one short story out this year, 'Not the Territory' which appeared in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic.


Last spring, I started a Twitter account for writing micro-sized S/F and fantasy stories. I usually post one or two stories per weekday, although I don’t have a fixed schedule. During 2013, I wrote and posted over 500 single-tweet stories.

That is O. Westin via MicroSFF – – which is eligible in the Fan Writer category.

(Copied from my entry in John's post, with corrected punctuation and grammar.)


Thanks for hosting this, Charlie!

I’m Ramez Naam, and I have two eligible works in 2013. I’m also eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

NOVEL: My second novel, CRUX, is eligible in the Best Novel category.

SHORT STORY: My short story WATER is eligible in the Nebula Short Story category:

As this is my second year as a SF/F writer, I’m eligible for the Campbell Award, on the strength of the above short story, my second novel CRUX, and my first novel NEXUS


Thanks for doing this.

I'm eligible for the John W. Campbell award for best new writer.

My 2013 short stories:

1. "For Sale by Owner" in Daily Science Fiction.

2. "A Pair of Ragged Claws" in Black Treacle

3. "Word for Word" in Waylines

4. "Six Aspects of Cath Baduma" in Postscripts to Darkness, Issue 4

5. "The Dentist's Apprentice" in Spellbound, Winter 2013 issue (Giants)

(And a note to readers eligible to nominate for the Auroras: I'm Canadian.)



My story "The Language of True Things" in Beneath Ceaseless Skies just barely clears the minimum for the Novelette category at 7700 words:

Its a fantasy work about art, power and other things, and plays with some concepts sci-fi fans might find interesting also, like the gulf between language and reality.

-Nick Scorza


I published two short stories in 2013: “Best of All Possible Worlds” in the February issue of Asimov’s and “The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere” in February at In addition, I am eligible for the Campbell “Not a Hugo!” Award (2nd year of eligibility).

My on-line bibliography has links to those two stories (as well as everything else I’ve published):


Thanks, Charlie!

I had a few things out in 2013, but the one I’m sharing is a short story called “Stranger vs. the Malignant Malevolency.” It’s a humorous story about superheroes and cancer, inspired in part by Jay Lake (who may or may not make an appearance as an ex-superhero-turned-head-in-a-jar-and-therapist).

It was published in Unidentified Funny Objects 2, and while the contract doesn’t let me share it online yet, I’d be happy to email a copy to anyone interested in award nomming.

Just drop me a line at jchines -at-


Thank you for this opportunity, Charlie!

I had two novels published in 2013.

Necessary Evil, the third and final book of the Milkweed series, was published by Tor (US) and Orbit (UK) in April.

Something More Than Night, a standalone novel, was published by Tor (US) in December. Both Kirkus and io9 included it on their best-of-2013 lists.

And I had one novelette (8800 words) published in 2013: "What Doctor Ivanovich Saw" appeared in the Fall issue of Subterranean Press Magazine.

-Ian Tregillis


Hi Charlie!

V.E. Schwab here.

My supervillain revenge tale, VICIOUS, hit shelves in September with Tor, and has picked up a starred review from PW, and hit Amazon’s, PW’s, and Goodread’s “Best of 2013″ lists. It was also recently picked up by Ridley Scott's company for film.

VICIOUS is eligible for Best Novel for awards like the Hugo and Bram Stoker.


Thanks for doing this!

I was fortunate enough to make my first! pro! fiction! sale! just this past November. My story’s called “Yuca and Dominoes,” and it’s a bit of cross-cultural magic realism, if that sounds at all like your thing. You can read it here at Strange Horizons, or you can listen to the podcast here (worth it just to listen to Anaea Lay’s hysterical rendering of a drunk Cuban-American girl).

My story is eligible in the short story categories for Hugo and Nebula. I’m also in my first year of eligibility for the Campbell, and I believe my story is eligible for the Carl Brandon awards–both the Parallax and Kindred. But there’s a lot of great stories out there, so if you read it and decide it’s not one you feel like nominating, I’d just be grateful to have people read it and maybe comment on it or FB like it or share it around. (Honestly–I don’t really expect to win any awards, but I’m just desperate to know that I didn’t send my story out into a vacuum!)

-José Iriarte


Thanks, Charlie!

In 2013, I produced work that is eligible in the following categories:

Best Editor (Short Form)
Apex Magazine, Glitter & Mayhem, Book of Apex vol. 4

Best Semiprozine
Apex Magazine (I was the Editor-in-Chief for all of 2013)

Best Fancast (Verity!) A podcast with six smart women discussing Doctor Who. :-)

Glitter & Mayhem is also eligible for the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology.

Please note that I edited short fiction, and I encourage you to look at those writers’ works as well when nominating.


Here’s my eligible work from 2013:

“The Wreck of the Mars Adventure” (novelette) in Old Mars, anthology edited by Gardner Dozois and George R. R. Martin, October 2013

“Artist’s Retrospective” (short story) in Daily Science Fiction, website edited by Jonathan Laden and Michele Barasso, September 2013 (read it here:

“Wavefronts of History and Memory” (short story) in Analog, magazine edited by Trevor Quachri, June 2013

“Letter to the Editor” (short story) in The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, February 2013 (hear it here:

“Letter to the Editor” is also available as a 15-minute video, which is eligible for Best Dramatic Presentation:


I produced works in 2013 that are eligible in the following Hugo Award categories:

Best Related Work- Queers Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the LGBTQ Fans Who Love It (co-edited with Sigrid Ellis,

Best Editor (Short Form) (Apex Magazine Managing Editor, Queers Dig Time Lords co-editor, Glitter & Mayhem co-editor with John Klima & Lynne M. Thomas,

Best Semiprozine- Apex Magazine (I was the Managing Editor under Editor-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas and Publisher Jason Sizemore,

Thank you, Charlie! :-)

- Michael Damian Thomas


Hello Charlie, and thank you so much for this opportunity!

I have two short stories that are eligible, both in the anthology THOROUGHLY MODERN MONSTERS edited by J.L. Aldis and published by Story Spring Publishing in October 2013 (

The stories are:

“Nothing But The Best”


“Learning Curve”

These are my first publications as a professional writer!


Thank you, Mister Stross, for offering this. You too are the duck's nuts.

I wrote a YA novel called THE TWELVE-FINGERED BOY from Lerner Books, released in February, 2013. It's about incarcerated juvenile delinquents. With superpowers.

Anywho, thanks again!


I feel terribly intimidated by everyone else's accomplishments, but one has to buy the lottery ticket to have even a sniff of a chance, right? Many thanks for the opportunity over here as well!

I have a Science Fiction Novellette, "Blackest Before the Dawn," in the small-press What Happens Next anthology (Fred Patten, ed.). It was published in July, 2013.

(I also have a Fantasy Short Story, Plague, self-published in ebook form in January 2013. ...with the Cast And Glossary appendix, it becomes a Novellette, but the story itself is, I believe, around 6000 words.

And to reverse the usual definition of "translation," the Russian translation of my "Legend of the Morning Star" short story was self-published in ebook form in April, 2013.)


Thanks for posting this, Charlie!

I wrote "Oh Give Me A Home," a novelette about family, farming, and miniaturized bison that was published in the July/August 2013 issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It'll also appear in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology (which should be out sometime in mid-January, and everyone else who's eligible should submit their stuff!) because I'm now eligible for the Campbell. Thanks for your consideration.


Thanks Charlie!

First, something a little different: We'd like to announce that Clarkesworld Magazine is no longer eligible for Best Semiprozine. Seriously. We're out.

I am, however, eligible to be nominated (again) for Best Editor Short Form for my work on Clarkesworld.

A complete list of our award-eligible fiction (with appropriate categories) can be found on my website:


My anthology THOROUGHLY MODERN MONSTERS ( was published on September 29th, 2013 by Story Spring Publishing.

As it is my only anthology for last year, I don’t think I’m eligible for any awards, but there are fifteen short stories inside that are:

SHORT STORY CATEGORY ( "Gallowglass and the Fiddler" by Abby Phelan
"Verisimilitude" by Lin Thornhill
"Nothing But the Best" by Jae Eynon
"Seeking Single Human Male, No Stakers" by Libby Weber
"Grace Abounding" by M.R. Glass
"Cold Cuts" by Michaela Vallageas
"Learning Curve" by Jae Eynon
"The Proper Task of Life" by Antioch Grey
"The Skin of My Teeth" by Libby Weber
"The Devil Makes Work for Idle Hands" by Antioch Grey
"Provender" by Wendy Worthington
"Pretorius" by Jonathan Waite

NOVELETTE CATEGORY (7500-17500 words):-
"Little Monsters" by Caireann Shannon
"The Freakshow File" by Murphy McCall
"Morrigan Mine" by Wendy Worthington

Thank you!


Debra and I have two short stories out this year and eligible for Hugo & Nebula:

“The Clockwork Trollop” by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald (a steampunk eroto-horror story) in Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #120, 2 May 2013

Podcast (read by T. D. Edge):


“According to the Rule” by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald (or, Monks in Spaaaaace!) in Impossible Futures edited by Judith K. Dial and Thomas Easton, Pink Narcissus Press, August, 2013.

Full text is available for SFWA members here: Otherwise, your local bookstore or library is your friend.



I've TWO new YA works in the pipeline... one closing a series, one opening a new one... but they'll only be eligible for this page NEXT year, alas. In the meantime, if you can think of any places where a short story nomination would be appropriate and you like this one: - it's open for business.

Thanks, Charlie!


Three eligible works this year:

Novelette: “The Blue Celeb” (fantasy/horror), appearing in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January/February 2013.

Short story: “The Final One Percent” (horror/dark fantasy), appearing in Blood Rites, ed. Marc Ciccarone (Blood Bound Books).

Short story: “One Thing Leads to Your Mother” (SF), appearing in Unidentified Funny Objects 2, ed. Alex Shvartsman (UFO Publishing).

None are available for public view online, but arrangements can be made for legitimate nominators; email to dwarzel at hotmail dot com.

Desmond Warzel


Thanks for doing this!

I have other stories eligible, but the main one I'm touting this season is "In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind." It's eligible in the novelette category. Published and podcast by Strange Horizons over two weeks in July.

Part 1: and
Part 2:

Or podcast Part 1: and
Part 2:

I'm in my second year of eligibility for the Campbell.

Sarah Pinsker


I have a few stories that are eligible, thanks for the opportunity to post them.

Best Novelete
Piece Number 7 in Garbled Transmissions.

Best Short Story
The Many Deaths of Albert G Elderberry in Fast Forward Fest.
Night Man is Waiting in Ibexian.
Only Friends in Anthology of European SF.
Origami Man in Hogglepot. in eHorror (this site seems to be down at the moment).
The Bone Boy in the Bones Anthology from James Ward Kirk Publishing.



Thank you, Charlie! My eligible 2013 stories:

"Solidarity," F&SF March/April. This is a seastead story, with the same setting and characters as "Liberty's Daughter" and "High Stakes" (which were published in F&SF in May/June 2012 and Nov/Dec 2012.)

Short Stories:
"The Wall," Asimov's April/May. Short story about a college student in 1989 who meets her future self, when she shows up to try to talk herself into going to see the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Bits, Clarkesworld, October. (Also available as an audio work via the same link.) This one is about penises.

Naomi Kritzer


Hi, Charlie! This is Erik Even, from your 2011 Clarion West Class.

I published the first two stories in an online historical sci-fi occult serial, Principia. They would both qualify as novelettes.



Hello! My name is Rachael Acks and it's been a good year for me. I have nine works that are eligible for awards this year!

Short Stories
Significant Figures from Strange Horizons (12/16/13) 
Stranger from Silver Blade Magazine (9/5/13)
Breaking Orbit from Daily Science Fiction (07/23/13) 
Samsara in Waylines issue #4 (July 2013) [LGBT]

Murder on the Titania from Musa Publishing (4/5/2013)

Do Shut Up, Mister Simmsfrom Musa Publishing (11/1/2013) [LGBT]
Blood in Elk Creek from Musa Publishing (9/6/2013) [LGBT]
The Curious Case of Miss Clementine Nimowitz and Her Exceedingly Tiny Dog from Musa Publishing (6/14/2013) [LGBT]
The Ugly Tin Orrery from Musa Publishing (5/17/2013) [LGBT]

Thank you very much!


Thank you for this opportunity. My story “Collateral Memory” ( in the June 10 issue of Strange Horizons is eligible in the short story category. It also makes me eligible for a Campbell.


Hi Charlie,

I'm Alisa Alering. You were my instructor at Clarion West in 2011.

I'm eligible for the John W. Campbell award for best new writer. Also eligible for Hugo and Nebula in the Short Story category.

My 2013 short stories:

1. "The Wanderer King" in Clockwork Phoenix 4. Available in audio at Podcastle.

2. "Everything You Have Seen" in Writers of the Future Vol. 29

3. "Keith Crust's Lucky Number" in Flash Fiction Online.

Thanks for this opportunity.


Thanks for doing this, Charlie!

I’ve got two stories eligible for Best Short Story in both the Hugo and Nebula categories: “The Caretaker of Mire,” in the TRIUMPH OVER TRAGEDY anthology edited by R.T. Kaelin (, and “Sanction,” in the TIME TRAVELED TALES anthology edited by Jean Rabe ( I also have a podcast eligible in the Hugo’s Best Fancast category: Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans, which I co-host with fellow speculative fiction author Brad Beaulieu. You can find it at

Thanks again!
Gregory A. Wilson


My novelette (16.600 words) EMBRACE THE NIGHT is part of a shared world based on the the Night Land by William Hope Hodgeson.

It is a time long after the sun has died and all of humanity lives in an immense tower besieged by monsters.


Thanks for the opportunity, Charlie. The Martian Drive In Podcast for Best Fancast. Eclectic chat about genre movies. In the last year I've covered Russian Fantastika, The Marvel Cinematic Universe and a number of other SF and fantasy sub-genres.


Here goes! I edited a three-volume set of trade paperbacks collecting for the first time all the late Algis Budrys’s “Books” columns for F&SF. The first appeared in 2012; the second and third, titled Benchmarks Revisited and Benchmarks Concluded (these titles echo Budrys’s 1985 collection Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf, but there is no overlap) were published in mid-2013 and are eligible for the current Best Related Work Hugo. More information at


Thank you for doing this, Charlie. I published a novel called Exodus, Book One of the Fundamentalists in August, 2013. It's set in a post-apocalyptic technological dark age, with a serious look at religious fundamentalism in the United States. Details are here:


I've got a short story published in the first issue of Antoine Wilson & G.M. Quinte's Crony Magazine. I previously won a SOLAS Gold Award for funniest travel story.

"The Limits of Attraction":

Thanks for opportunity to share. And checking out Crony is a good idea, too! Hopefully it'll find it's audience and thrive.


Great Idea, Thanks! My novel is currently being considered for the Oregon Book Awards. It is a story of building a floating city in the ocean. It is set in real time. The central character is a sports shoe billionaire, Pike Knight, who feels remorse for being the world's biggest polluter. He realizes that he must make amends for his role in ruining the planet, and together with his Arch-Designer, design, build and develop a more perfect society and city at sea.
The Sci-Fi comes from various animals the use telepathy to reach out to the wayward human race and teach us to live in harmony with our planet.


Thanks for this!

I'm Warren Frey, one-third of the hosts for Radio Free Skaro, a podcast about Doctor Who that is eligible for a Hugo in the Best Fancast category.

We've just posted our 400th episode, and over the past 7 years we've interviewed many of the people in front of and behind the camera both in the classic series and the new series. We love Doctor Who and we're proud of what we've been able to contribute to its fandom.

You can find all of our episodes at Thanks again!


Thanks Charlie!

My name is William Hertling, and I have one new work this year, The Last Firewall. This near-term scifi book about artificial intelligence and social reputation is eligible for the Best Novel award.

You can read more about it here:

Thanks for your consideration!

-- William Hertling


Thanks for offering us this thread!

All my 2013 publications are short stories. In order of my guess at their appeal, they are:

**”The Pilgrim and the Angel” in McSweeney’s Quarterly 45, which will be reprinted in Strahan’s Best of the Year 8.

**”The Urashima Effect” in Clarkesworld.

“Daedalum, the Devil’s Wheel” in Clarkesworld.

“Loss with Chalk Diagrams,” in Eclipse Online. Audio at Escape Pod.

“The Forgetting Shiraz” in the Boston Review

“Ilse, Who Saw Clearly” in Apex.

**These are the two stories I am sending around.


My novelette, "The Drowned Man," was published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #120, May 2, 2013, and you can read it here:

Thanks for the chance to promote it!

--Laura E. Price


Hi Charlie,

Re Hugo awards, for general consideration in the novelette category, may I suggest my own 10.4k-word novelette: "In the Church of Harry's Corpse," which appears here:

C. Shay


Thank you for providing this opportunity!

I had several stories come out in 2013, which are eligible in the short fiction category:

With Tales in Their Teeth, From the Mountain They Came in Lightspeed
Tasting of the Sea in Shimmer #16
Kid Wonder in Masked Mosaic
The Last Survivor of the Great Sexbot Revolution in Clarkesworld
Doctor Blood and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron in Ideomancer
Lesser Creek: A Love Story, a Ghost Story in Clockwork Phoenix 4
The Book of Her in Bibliotheca Fantastica
How Bunny Came to Be in Shimmer #17
For the Removal of Unwanted Guests in Halloween: Magic, Mystery & the Macabre
Chasing Sunset in Whispers from the Abyss
Love Letters Found in a Secret Fortress in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review
The Hush of Feathers, the Clamor of Wings in Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales
Her Last Breath Before Waking in Three-Lobed Burning Eye
At the Everywhere Cafe in Coffee

Links can be found in this post on my blog:

Unlikely Story, which I co-edit, published three issues this year. All the works listed below are award-eligible in the short story category.

Ecdysis by Nicole Cipri
Spiders, Centipedes, & Holes by Cat Rambo
The Space Between by Lew Andrada
Silent Drops of Crimson and Gold Rain by Pamela L. Wallace
The Lonely Barricade at Dawn by Jesse William Olson
Jeanette’s Feast by Michelle Ann King
B. by Nicola Belte
Go Through by Alma Alexander
The Three Adventures of Simon Says, the Elder by Daniel Ausema
The Painted Bones by Kelly Simmons
The Tower by Kelly Lagor
The Dross Record by Matthew Timmins
The Latest Incarnation of Secondhand Johnny by Mark Rigney
The Psammophile by Maria Dahvana Headley
The Years of the Tarantella by Sarah Brooks
Strange Invasion by Darren O. Godfrey
The Wall Garden by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
A Superfluity by Helen Anderson
Pompilid by Nghi Vo
The New World by Dennis Tafoya
Found Items – Notes and Tapes (Evidence Bag Two) by Mark Rigney

All of the stories can be found at and are also linked in this blog post:

Thank you again for this opportunity!


Many thanks for doing this... I'd like to nominate my own science fiction novelette (10,400 words), which is the 3rd in my C.A.T. series....

Guard Cat


PS I'm actually feeling sorry for C.A.T. after what I put him through in this one, but then maybe not given what a pain in the neck that robo-cat can be!


"Touch of Tides", published in Crossed Genres in August, is eligible for Best Short Story in both the Hugos and Nebulas. It's hard sci-fi, about life on Europa. Read it here:

Thanks so much for this opportunity. :)


Thanks Charlie.

I have two eligible books.

The Lives of Tao (May 2013)
The Deaths of Tao (Nov 2013)

Both eligible for the Hugo and the Nebula.

I’m also eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.


Having read some of the others commenting here I'm sure they've got much more chance of success than me, however as archangelbeth @20 said, you've got to be in it to have a chance...

So I (self) published three works in 2013, although two of them are serial parts of a longer piece that isn't yet finished. The other is a near future military science fiction novelette.

'Crisis Point' is available from the big river and also from smashwords.


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A most comprehensive list but not obviously including your (published) name, and your email address doesn't obviously link to it either. I assume from the blog post that you are AC Wise, but as a general note to others, please make sure either that your name is obvious, or that you list it within the comment.

(This has been a Public Service Announcement from the moderation team)


Saw this in Scalzi's post, so taking advantage. Thanks for the opportunity.

As the Acquisitions Editor at 47North, I've been lucky to work with a number of great authors over the last year. Here are some award-eligible works, authors, and artists:

A CALCULATED LIFE by Anne Charnock (SF)
A PRIVATE LITTLE WAR by Jason Sheehan (SF)
THE GARDEN OF STONES by Mark T. Barnes (F)
THE PALACE JOB by Patrick Weekes (2012--eligible for Campbell New Writer Award) (F)
THROUGH THE DOOR by Jodi McIsaac (F)

Best Novel:
DAMOCLES by S. G. Redling (SF)
A CALCULATED LIFE by Anne Charnock (SF)
A PRIVATE LITTLE WAR by Jason Sheehan (SF)
THE GARDEN OF STONES by Mark T. Barnes (F)
INDEXING by Seanan McGuire (F)


FIREBLOOD by Jeff Wheeler (F)

Short story:
PACK OF STRAYS by Dana Cameron (F)

Cover Art:
Galen Dara (OZ REIMAGINED--including each short story)


Both of mine are Short Story category this year:

She wasn't a rabbi, she wasn't a priestess, but she had one perfect prayer.
"Mother of Waters," by April L'Orange, from Crossed Genres Magazine. Also in the anthology Crossed Genres 2.0 Book One

"So how do you screw up your karma so badly that you come back as a goldfish?"
"Quick Karma," by April L'Orange, in Dagan Books' FISH anthology. I believe the publisher has made the anthology stories available on the SFWA forum thread for Nebula nominations.

Thank you for the opportunity!


Thank you, Charlie!

My name is Suzanne Vincent. I'm editor-in-chief at Flash Fiction Online ( and would be honored to just be noticed.

Best Editor (short form)
Best Semiprozine for Flash Fiction Online


Thank you, Charlie.

My novel, ACK-ACK MACAQUE was published in January 2013, and is therefore eligible for the Hugos, the BSFA, and so on.

The Guardian called it "An explosive narrative with brilliant cliffhangers".

I don't expect it to win anything, but it would be great to make it onto a shortlist somewhere.

Find out more about the book, including links to buy, here.

Many thanks.


Aw thank you Charlie! My novelette "The Waiting Stars" is eligible for this year's awards: I've put it online here


I have three eligible short stories this year.

- "Die for You" in Daily Science Fiction

- "Sweet Home" in Penumbra

- "Wasted Youth" in the Kazka Press

Thank you very much for putting this post together.


Thank you, Charlie! For your consideration in the Hugo Novel category:

My novel ‘Strangelets with a Side of Grilled Spam: Season One’ was published on July 11, 2013. NYT Bestseller Kevin J. Anderson, described it as “Edgy and entertaining!”

Pursued by packs of deadly ‘steelies’, Lieutenant Shane MacWilliams and his Humvee crew journey through an America shattered by an alien invasion.

Things look grim…until MacWilliams comes across something that could turn the tide. It falls to him and his crew to get the word out across a land choked with post-apocalyptic wreckage and teeming with deadly alien monsters. Their journey is blocked by steelie hunter-killers, vision-shrouding sand storms, and nightmare plains turned to radioactive slag by nuclear fallout.

And at the end looms their final confrontation with a horde of aliens set to wipe out the human species!

For more info on Strangelets, please see the following link:


Hi, Charlie! Thank you for posting this. My friend sent me here knowing I put a book out in 2013. Depending on the word count criteria, it's either a novel or novella (it hovers between 50 and 60K). While I'm likely not eligible for the Hugo or Campbell, I live in Oregon, which does make my latest book eligible for the Endeavour Award, and possibly others, but I'm not sure.

Library Cat-A-Clysm
Book Two of the Library Cat Chronicles
Danie’s world turns upside down once again. She’s settling into her life, knowing where she stands with those from her past. Right? Wrong. Danie learns that people aren’t always entirely what they seem, the hard way. What she’s known isn’t what she was always led to believe, and that she’s respected and loved even more than she realized.

Libary Cat-A-Clysm
A.P.Adams - Library Cat Chronicles

Thank you!


Thank you! I'll de-lurk and post :) I’m eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

My Hugo/Nebula eligible stories this year (all in Short category):

* Recordings of a More Personal Nature in Apex Magazine, Nov 2013

* Mouse Choirs of the Old Mátra in Demeter’s Spicebox, Feb 2013

I also blog, primarily about diversity and speculative fiction, if anyone wishes to nominate me for Best Fan Writer. A project I did recently that I was proud of was assembling this list of diverse editors of SFF.

I have some poetry eligible for the SF poetry awards, too.


I've got two eligibles for the Hugos this year:

Unburning Alexandria, novel,

“Ian, George and George” (novelette, Analog Magazine, December 2013)



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