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Beer, Boston, Tuesday

I'll be drinking in the Cambridge Brewing Company on Kendall Square, Cambridge (the version of Cambridge that merges with Boston, Mass., not Cambridge UK), on Tuesday evening from about 7:30pm. Map here. Yes, if you can read this you're welcome to drop in and say "hi". It's my last appearance in the US: I fly home on Wednesday.



I will try to make it there. The weather may interfere :(


OT but amusing:

Those of us who have read Charlie's Missile Gap might find the second illustration on Whatever's recent post

to be amusing.

I, for one, welcome our insect overlords!


I'm glad a friend pointed me to this post! CBC is one of my favorite brewpubs, I love your books, and therefore I'll come by with some friends tonight regardless of the weather. :)


Argh - I'm on a panel from 6-8:30pm, though would love to come by for a beer.

Any chance you'd simply Tweet occasionally tonight - especially when it looks like you're winding down / leaving? I'd jump over after my panel if you & folks are still around.


Heading out



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