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Competition closing soon!

Just a quick reminder: the UK Laundry Files competition from last month is closing next Tuesday! If you want to enter for the chance to win some free swag, you've got about four days and some hours left.

Note that announcing the winners may take a few days—I'm going to be in London next week (List of events here) and there are a lot of entries to sort through!

And in other news: audiobooks of THE RHESUS CHART and THE ANNIHILATION SCORE are now available in the UK from the usual sources. (Just don't ask me about THE FULLER MEMORANDUM and THE APOCALYPSE CODEX: they fell through the cracks a few years ago, dammit.)



I plead guilty to not being American. Or a lawyer.


I hope us ineligibles didn't swamp the entries too badly. Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.


It does mean I'm going to go through a blog post cycle asking for shotlisted winners to get in touch with their address so we can verify eligibility (and also send out the prizes). I'll be signing stuff in London next week but it'll probably be into July before anything goes out.



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