The Web Architect's Handbook

Published by Addison-Wesley, May 1996 (ISBN 0-582-87735-X)

If you're planning to create a professional presence on the World Wide Web you need to master the tools and tactics the experts use. Basic HTML and graphics techniques will only get you part of the way; when it comes to creating a large web site, different methods are needed. The Web Architect's Handbook provides you with an overview of web structure and shows how different types of web site have different requirements.

This web site exists for two reasons. Firstly, it provides useful samples of the book for you to read online, so that you can decide for yourself whether you need your own copy. Secondly, it provides supplementary resources. The web is changing so fast that any printed book you buy is already out of date. However, I will be adding additional essays to this site on a regular basis, updating and elaborating upon the material in the book.

The Web Architect's Handbook is now about three years old. While it contains a useful overview of the web as it existed in 1995, it's now very out of date. Don't expect a revision (or huge updates to these pages) any time soon; my real focus has moved on to Linux and building client/server applications, and I'm not really keeping up with the latest DHTML doohickeys.

(If and when Addison-Wesley discontinue the title, I may post the whole of the book here. Until then, well, hasta la vista!)

Book Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding HTML
  3. Understanding HTTP
  4. The Babel of the web
  5. Introducing Perl
  6. Understanding server and web structure
  7. Building a portable web
  8. Knowledge agents and web search engines
  9. Servers, security, commerce and copyright
  10. The future of the web

Additional Material

  1. Maintaining large web sites
  2. World Wide Web Robots: a tutorial
  3. HTML coding style
  4. An HTML pretty-printer
  5. More HTML Maintenance Tools
  6. Building Big CGI Applications
  7. Web State Machines
  8. Perl related information


Blackwells are currently promoting this book; you can order it directly from them via the web using their order system.

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