Who am I?

A portrait of the writer as a depraved man:

picture of me today (2001)

Taken in 2001. Let that be a lesson to you.

Salient characteristics:

There are several. The most compact description is in the form of a Geek code:

GTW/CS/L/MD d-- s:+ a? C++++$ UL++++$ UC++$ US+++$ P++++$ L+++$ E--- W+++$ N+++ o+ K+++ !w--- O- M+ V- PS+++ PE Y++ PGP+ !t 5? X-- !R(+++) tv-- b+++ DI++++/++ !D G+ e+++ h++/-/--- r+++ z?

If you don't know what this means, look here.

What I do

I write and sell science fiction
See the FAQ for upcoming book releases. This is most of what I do for a living ...
I used to be ...
At various times, a Pharmacist (I quit after the second time I was staked out by the police for an armed robbery), a technical author, a computer programmer (I was developer #1 at DataCash, a British dot-com startup that IPO'd in 2000 and is -- shock horror -- still going strong and due into profit in FY 2002/2003), and a freelance computer journalist.

Other things I do

Drinking alcoholic beverages from small breweries
(Fisherrow Brewery, for whom Feorag worked, is no more, alas.)
I sleep lots, especially in winter. I'm virtually incapable of pulling an all-nighter; how do those guys do it? On the other hand, I can be up and debugging at 7:30 am ;-).
Listening to industrial/fringe music
Recently: well, see my blog.
Chilling out on several frosty newsgroups
Collecting weird gadgets and orphan computers
Notably Cambridge Z-88's, ICL one-per-desks, Psion 3a accessories, and multiport serial boards for my linux boxes.
Persistently not redecorating my flat
Even though it badly needs it. I only moved in eight years ago.
Cleaning up after the Two Fat Ladies
Sekhmet, our much-loved cohabitee, died suddenly in December '02: so we headed straight for the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home and adopted two elderly spinsters with a heavy catnip habit and bad breath. They seem to like it here, although they spend so much time sleeping it's hard to tell if they're still alive, sometimes.

Where I do it

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, in a flat that's somewhat older than the State of Texas, with Feorag, to whom I'm married. (We tied the knot on our tenth anniversary, in mid-2003.)

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