I have created a range of typefaces for the Macintosh, and nearly all of them are completely free. I'm gradually making them available under Creative Commons licenses.

The older Macintosh archives are compressed with Stuffit and can be downloaded as either BinHex or MacBinary. MacBinary produces a much smaller file, but some people have problems setting up their browsers to handle it. Stuffit Expander (from Aladdin Systems) is a freeware utility which will uncompress these files. If you have your browser set up to use this as a helper application, expansion will take place automatically.

MacOS X supports Zip compression natively in the Finder, so the newest fonts are compressed this way. Gradually, all the fonts will be distributed as Zip archives. If you are on a Classic MacOS, there are a number of third-party applications which will unpack Zip files, including Stuffit Expander.

The newer fonts are also available in PC TrueType format, which should be compatible with Linux and Windows. I know very little about Linux, and absolutely nothing about Windows, so I'm afraid I cannot answer any questions about these fonts. Sorry - you'll just have to RTFM if you don't already know how to install them. One or two fonts are also available in a pure ASCII Postscript form for UNIX. I assume that if you want these, you know what to do!