• Commented on If this had happened 30 years ago today, we would all have died
    Charlie, I thought I would just share this with you, although it is off-topic... From an article entitled "19 Unforgettable Quotes From Retiring General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis" "PowerPoint makes us stupid." So true....
  • Commented on The ticking clock
    Having some free time, I spent the weekend building a target range (sawed up a tree with my Woodmizer sawmill, made some 2x4's and viola!) Turns out with a proper scope, I can hit a golf ball at 100 feet...
  • Commented on National Talk About Something Else Day
    Well, I just got hit by my third layoff in 5 years, this time from AMD (true bloodbath - 1500 employees in Austin alone) so I am actually taking a breather until after Thanksgiving since my parents are flying in...
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