• Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    Bitcoin is currently being used as part of the ransom payment scheme in the CryptoLocker Malware scam, and directed at lawyers in British Columbia, Canada. The scheme eventually requires a money-laundering vendor, and so brings bitcoin onto the radar of...
  • Commented on Trust Me (I'm a kettle)
    Last year I did a pitch for devices that used crypto keys to pair with one another, allowing a phone, for example, to pair with a projector-and-keyboard set in the boardroom, or a pad to pair with a larger screen...
  • Commented on The cult of justice
    As to (2), the policy of following precedent makes law not only scripture, but also continuously growing scripture. To be able to make a decision, a judge must follow the scriptures, research all the new decisions that the barristers have...
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    That brilliant, single-use tricks (1) exist (2) are exceedingly hard to predict before the fact, and (3) are easy to "predict" in retrospect. This encourages paranoid decision-making, and that in turn can be taken advantage of. One must therefor expect...
  • Commented on A Bad Dream
    A contributing factor, and a possible cause for a "ruling party effect" is the high cost of getting elected, which selects for people who can bankroll themselves through the process of getting nominated. In particular, almost all the members of...
  • Commented on Things publishers can't do (yet)
    At least one U.S. publisher has almost completely removed themselves from the editing loop. An author uploads a chapter in MS word, and immediately downloads a marked-up copy in a preview format. Asking the editor questions about the error messages...
  • Commented on Political failure modes and the beige dictatorship
    The bland and beige state can be changed when a party suffers a big enough defeat. The current ruling party in Canada, the Conservatives, had been reduced to two seats, and came back by being taken over by our local...
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