Julian Bond

Julian Bond

  • Commented on PSA: New Book Deal
    Sequel to Atlas Shrugged? You could call it "Telemacchus Sneezed" with a nod to R.A.Wilson...
  • Commented on Amazon, Macmillan: an outsider's guide to the fight
    Just another data point in the continuing saga of re-imagining the broken book industry. I feel a need for a detailed examination of every part of the process from original thought to the act of reading in the same style...
  • Commented on The monetization paradox (or why Google is not my friend)
    As a consumer of SciFi and especially 80s-90s cyberpunk the current system of book publishing seems hopelessly broken. Why can't I buy a nice new hardback copy of Brunner - The Sheep look up, Sterling - Islands in the Net,...
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