• Commented on Sitrep
    Just met Greg T at GBBF (recognised his beard!), sorry I missed you yesterday. Hope you had a good trip back. Peter....
  • Commented on Sitrep
    Greg @ 13: understood, I've not posted enough here to be head of the queue (but have lurked for many years) but had to offer :) Charlie @ 14: sorry to hear that, will no doubt have one for you,...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    First time in many years that I'm actually free to go to the GBBF - thanks for the reminder! When will you be attending - I'd be honoured to stand you a pint or more......
  • Commented on "Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying" — Iain Banks, 1954-2013
    Just saw the news on Boing Boing. Gutted. From being blown away by The Wasp Factory aged 16, to the latest Culture novel, he has been a constant reminder of all that can be good in literature. Here's to a...
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