• Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    I'm not sure bitcoin is deflationary in the way you state. Sure, the number of bitcoins is limited. But there's nothing to stop anyone from setting up a similar new virtual currency, called say bitcojn_1. Once this exists, the only...
  • Commented on Obituaries
    I found the following quote of Thatcher, from her 1993 memoirs, in Robert Neild's book: "A financial history of Cambridge University". Its worth thinking about, both in what it says, and what it doesn't. "I had to concede that those...
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    Very useful summary of the history, #283. On the 'weird' view, if Many Worlds is true, then there are already (say) 10^100 me's out there, all truly me. It's really hard to be concerned about all their fates. (But maybe...
  • Commented on Roko's Basilisk wants YOU
    The Balisk is a really clever idea - quite ridiculous I'd say, but not easy to refute in a simple way. However, here is an objection to the Balisk which seems to greatly weaken its force for anyone (like many...
  • Commented on Tapeworm Logic
    In terms of Drake/Fermi one can (like #66) try to put some numbers in. Two key parameters: the average time T between technological civilizations arising in our galaxy, and L the lifetime of civilizations. One then gets a 2 dimensional...
  • Commented on Customer Satisfaction Survey
    I had an good year, but it could have been better. If there were an alternate supplier I would consider them carefully, but as far as I can tell you have a monopoly. It seems that you have no incentive...
  • Commented on Happy Christmas! Here is a flame war in a can
    Apologies for trolling. But let me state the Theorem. If random variables X and Y are correlated, then so are -X and -Y. Martin Barlow...
  • Commented on Happy Christmas! Here is a flame war in a can
    #89 asks: why is there the correlation between pro-gun and anti-abortion? Ans. For the same reason there is a correlation between anto-gun and pro-abortion. Martin Barlow...
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