• Commented on YAPC::NA 2014 keynote: Programming Perl in 2034
    Thank you for another thought provoking article - that has provoked some thoughts! I do have a professional interest in Moore's Law(s), since a proportion of my job is about achieving it. So I hope you're wrong about the 2030...
  • Commented on Vacation
    Have you already been on one of those airboats (as seen in the kids tv show Gentle Ben) and gone looking for alligators? I think it's more normal to do a lot further south of orlando, but we had a...
  • Commented on Making history personal
    BTW been past Paviland head's cave on a boat trip along the Gower Coast. The 'Red Lady' was buried there 33000 years ago. Some of the headlands nearby have the remains of fortifications - not sure if those were lived...
  • Commented on Making history personal
    Oldest been in - The Great Pyramid 2560BCE. Oldest slept in - the Old Bell, Malmesbury which claims (as i'm sure others do) to be the oldest hotel in Britain @ around 1220AD - originally for guests of the Abbey...
  • Commented on Things publishers can't do (yet)
    Technology doesn't 'want to go' anywhere. I've not yet heard one of our chips say "My plan is to bugger up sci-fi book publishing when I hit the market" (much more likely for sci-fi books to drive technologies direction). I'd...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    You're also assuming that an the final product would be as good. I'm thinking that 'editor' sounds like a job skill in itself that is pretty different from 'author'. I suppose a 'self published' author could sub-contract that work out,...
  • Commented on Things publishers can't do (yet)
    You make a good argument for not trying out one of the more risky experiments, especially given how many of the trials are done by special cases. What i'm wondering is if there is a low risk but innovative thing...
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