• Commented on World Cup: engage Grinch mode now!
    Hey... I wonder if sports events could have some unforeseen purpose that might be of interest to the Laundry... It lends itself to wondering: - Why people are so excited about their team sweaters' wearers - What benefits might be...
  • Commented on World Cup: engage Grinch mode now!
    Yep, seeing plenty of World Cup madness here in Toronto. I was noticing odd quantities of foreign flags waving off of cars last night when I left work. The one place with unexpected WordCupNess that irked me was Twitter, where...
  • Commented on Yet another bad idea
    Simply fantastic! I agree that it makes a bad plan for a Stross book; timing isn't right. But the thought process of how a party would do the apologia to accept Putin as candidate seems like great fun!...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    Methinks thou dost protest a wee bit too much. Several of the contentions seem to fit just as well with cash. It has long been preferable to do dubious things like tax evasion and paying for immoral things (whether pornography,...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    I appreciate and respect the presentation that you have made. It is certainly reasonable to think that you can pump out a lot more books per year if you do the writing, and publishers handle "all that other stuff." The...
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