• Commented on PSA: Why there won't be a third book in the Halting State trilogy
    Sounds a bit like this article I just read about the ever-growing trend for police overkill in the US. Sorry to hear there won't be a third book, but I can understand. At this point, you risk seeing it...
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    I've learned that Hermann Göring was right: that the people can be manipulated into going along with just about any outrage, if you can convince them that they're being threatened and that those who question it are endangering the rest....
  • Commented on A Bad Dream
    It doesn't matter whether or not all our secrets are out. What matters is what people are willing to attack us for. People say we shouldn't worry about NSA surveillance because we already recall so much through social media. But...
  • Commented on A Bad Dream
    >> something that Obama is little different from Bush on. Just today,it came out that Bush praised Obama for his counterterrorism policies--specifically, the bits regarding the NSA that we've recently heard so much about. When Obama came in, I...
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